About us

About us....

After more than twenty years Visser Tuinen is aware of the intention of a garden.  To relax, enjoy and just be at home. What we do not know is what this means for you, our customer. 

How do you relax?

Do you like to relax at your terrace and not worry about a thing? Do you enjoy gardening or is it the one thing you really dislike? Perhaps your garden is the one place where you really can feel at home. 

Visser Tuinen is convinced a garden is trully successful when it's a place of enjoyment and gives a feeling of homecoming. Therefore we take your wishes into account from start to finish. We immediately adjust our design, landscaping and maintenance according to your requirements. 







Wiljan Visser

Behind the people of Visser Tuinen 

Over twenty years ago I, Wiljan Visser, started Visser Tuinen. And with some pride I say I've build a company employing fifteen certified and highly motivated people. These are people I can expand my company with. This is also the team my customers can rely on, and for me that is of the utmost importance.

Let's enjoy a cup of tea