Durable together

Sustainability a concern of us all!

 You probably want, just as much as we do, to apply sustainability in everything around us. But what does sustainability mean? We consider sustainability, in our line of work, as to be "a long life".

A durable long life together

In the green trade of Visser Tuinen there are two subjects that must comply with durability:

  • Your wishes
  • The proper material, at the right place, processed professionally

We can be brief about the first item; we'd very much like to play a part in the process of creative thinking. Our goal is for you to enjoy your garden for a long time and Visser Tuinen is committed to a longlasting relationship with its customers.

Item 2 is almost as simple as it sounds. The proper material at the right place. However this requires skill and knowledge. Which plants, trees or bushes fit the most in your garden? Does the soil offers enough nutrition? Which pavement is suitable for the exsisting subsoil? Do we need to sow this lawn or place grass sods?

Durability, in this area, can not be summarized, and occures to be different in every situation. Its our goal to find the most durable solution for your situation.

Carbon Footprint

Your durable garden

Our mission is to think along with you on durable solutions for your garden. We are committed to built an enjoyable and longlasting relationship with you and a long life for all that's green in your garden.

Think sustainably with me