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Cozy lounge garden IMG 2623

Cozy lounge garden

Design of a cozy lounge garden It is clear that the brilliant canopy of massive doug…

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Modern & robust front yard IMG 9658

Modern & robust front yard

Design of a modern & robust front yard The task was not only to create a beautif…

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Corten steel water element IMG 1996

Corten steel water element

Design of a special element in a garden Visser Tuinen has the water element designed…

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Sleek, modern garden IMG 2330 Copy

Sleek, modern garden

Design of a sleek, modern garden In June 2013, we finished this tough garden which i…

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Maintenance friendly backyard near the water 01

Maintenance friendly backyard near the water

Design of a maintenance friendly backyard near the water The design of this garden w…

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Rustic garden IMG 0514

Rustic garden

Design of a rustic garden This garden in Bloemendaal radiates calmness. This is an i…

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Modern sleek front garden IMG 9291

Modern sleek front garden

Design of a modern sleek front garden A small front garden with a great look. In thi…

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Rooftop garden IMG 3291

Rooftop garden

Design of a roof garden Within one day the guys from Visser Tuinen have turned a bla…

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Contemporary garden Me 2100 Klis NL Amstelveen 9841

Contemporary garden

Design of a contemporary garden In this garden sleek and stylish materials meet. Nat…

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Patio garden IMG 7477

Patio garden

Design of a patio garden The patio garden in Alphen aan den Rijn provide ambience an…

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Modern rural design IMG 2791

Modern rural design

Design of a modern rural garden The rural surroundings of Roelofarendsveen has found…

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Modern garden with smooth curves IMG 9499

Modern garden with smooth curves

Design of a modern garden with smooth curves This garden in Leimuiden is characteriz…

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Tight garden with a freestanding canopy IMG 2524

Tight garden with a freestanding canopy

Tight garden with a freestanding canopy The royal canopy forms a lovely private terr…

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Functional living garden IMG 0624

Functional living garden

Design of a functional living garden Relaxation is central in this lounge garden in …

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Tight and still around IMG 9610

Tight and still around

Sleek design and still completely around Thanks to the mild weather in the winter of…

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Rustic symmetrical garden IMG 3966

Rustic symmetrical garden

Design of a rustic symmetrical garden A tight symmetrical front yard with a timeless…

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Budget garden IMG 1107

Budget garden

Design of a low budget garden This budget garden in Nieuwkoop proves that limited fu…

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Romantic garden IMG 9937

Romantic garden

Design of a romantic garden A garden is perfect for romance. In Alphen aan den Rijn,…

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Small design garden IMG 0405

Small design garden

Design of a small garden Contemporary garden designs are perfect for creating a┬áspat…

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Sleek design IMG 4101

Sleek design

Sleek design Straight lines and paths contrasts with exuberant flower beds and tree …

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Classic notary garden IMG 0002

Classic notary garden

Design of a classic notary garden Contemporary in ease of use, classic and stylish a…

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Colorful backyard IMG 9766

Colorful backyard

Design of a colorful backyard A cozy backyard with two terraces ensures you can alwa…

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Rural garden IMG 4174

Rural garden

Design of a rural garden This rural garden is at the service of its surroundings. Th…

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Modern backyard IMG 0266

Modern backyard

Design of a modern backyard With this garden we have thougt outside the box. Who say…

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Garden along the Oude Rijn IMG 0446

Garden along the Oude Rijn

Design of a garden along the Oude Rijn On the Oude Rijn in Alphen aan den Rijn, we d…

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Low maintenance backyard IMG 5512

Low maintenance backyard

Design of a low maintenance backyard The wish was to create an attractive and contem…

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Design hospital garden IMG 4812

Design hospital garden

Design of a hospital garden In this garden in Almere with a semi public body come pr…

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Cozy backyard IMG 9563

Cozy backyard

Design of a cozy backyard You don't have to look at the flowers but you can sit in t…

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Stairway to heaven Van Der Meer Oude Wetering 2

Stairway to heaven

Stairway to heaven A front garden with the size of a backyard and still plenty of al…

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Natural garden D228351

Natural garden

Design of a natural garden Visser Tuinen has won the 2nd prize in the in the contest…

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Spacious design 4

Spacious design

Design of a spacious design garden This open and spacious garden has a strong line o…

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Garden along waterfront IMG 5320

Garden along waterfront

Design of a garden along the waterfront A waterfront garden always has something ext…

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Farm garden Dsc4197kooter

Farm garden

Design of a farm garden This farm garden has all the elements, regardless of the lan…

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Small front garden with stainless steel DSC5549

Small front garden with stainless steel

Design of a small front garden with stainless steel Stainless steel compartments fil…

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Natural canopy DSC5570

Natural canopy

Design of a natural canopy Natural shading gives every garden a little extra. This m…

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Company garden Dsc3558nolina

Company garden

Design of a company garden With a tasteful company garden you give your business car…

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