Stairway to heaven

Stairway to heaven

A front garden with the size of a backyard and still plenty of altitude. What do you do with that? Designer Wiljan Visser utilized optimally space with shelves filled with flowering plants.

Description: Large front yard with split-level house that is accessible via stairs. With lawn, driveway, bushes, trees, two terraces and planted fields.
Place: Oude Wetering
Date of construction: summer 2008
Size: approx 364 m2 (28 x 13 m)

The separate location of the house was a major reason for the residents to give the job to the desginers of Visser Tuinen. The front yard comes to size reminiscent of a backyard, it is adjacent to the front door. The house is built on a dike giving the garden a level is lower than the front door. This structure is more common in the wetlands near Oude Wetering.

The front yard is widely used, therefore the design had to be attractive and ease in use.

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Gardening, Number 8, September 2014:

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