Garden Design Service

“It was clear that Visser Tuinen had not only listened to us, but also had looked closely at the decor
of our home. We immediately found the design very beautiful and it made a nice connection to our
home. The garden has become really beautiful. Just as we had in mind.” I. Ligtvoet

This is how we like to design for you. Based on your wishes, ideas and living situation. Designed by our green creativity and experience. And completed with a well thought out planting and lighting plan. So you will get a complete design of a garden which, on paper as well as built, that fits you. And will last your time there.

Wondering what it takes to create a garden design? 

Looking for an existing design? Then the materials used are already defined. Click here for our six
theme gardens, including price indication for the construction.

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Wondering how the design process works?

A complete, new garden, that lasts your time there. We'll take you there in ten steps. Our roadmap
works like a menu: you decide what you outsource to us and what you do yourself.

Your new garden in 10 steps.
Step 1. Free briefing and brainstorm session

An interactive introduction. You tell us about your needs, wishes and the kind of atmosphere you would like to create. We present you with a number of appealing, varied garden examples. This is how we jointly create a picture of what garden styles you like and what criteria your garden must satisfy.

Step 2. Moodboard

With input from the briefing and brainstorm session we create, in conjunction if necessary, a mood board. An inspiring imagination of your garden experience and an excellent starting point for
designing your garden.

Step 3. Measuring and cataloguing on location*

Before we start designing we will map dimensions, level differences, drainage, soil condition and location of your garden. We also look at whether paving, hedges, fences and trees in the immediate
vicinity of your garden need to be considered..

Step 4. Garden Design*

With all this information our designers will get to work. They will make a draft design in which is displayed graphically what your ideal garden design looks like. After your approval the draft will be
worked out to a final design.

Step 5. Planting plan*

Per section the planting will be defined in detail by selecting the plants and trees best suited. We take into account garden composition, soil quality, light, seasons, colours, flowering periods and aesthetic value. But also your own wishes: do you enjoy gardening or would you minimize the maintenance?

Step 6. Lighting Plan*

In this plan, we start from the design of your garden, the desired atmosphere effects, safety and functionality. With care we select the most appropriate light fixtures and put them in the best suitable locations in the garden. So that you can fully enjoy the evening garden and it’s characteristic elements, but also find the keyhole to the back door.

Step 7. Irrigation Plan*

The irrigation plan describes which installation, water source and frequency you can best use watering your garden. We always choose the most practical solution so dragging with hoses and watering cans is a thing of the past.

Step 8. Quotation

After your agreement on the overall design plan we will, free of charge, make a work description, a planning and a quotation for the construction of your garden by our team of professional and
experienced gardeners. We are Groenkeur certified and construct all our gardens under Groenkeur warranty.

Step 9. Construction*

After your approval on the quotation we go to work for you. With great pleasure and in accordance with the agreements made with you. Once all plans have been approved, we’ll provide you with a free quotation for the complete construction of your garden.

Step 10. Exploring together

A few months after the construction of your garden we would like to pay you a visit, free of charge. Together we walk through the garden. Because we are curious how you like your garden. Because we want to see if the planting does well. And because we want to hear how you experienced working with us.



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Garden Design Service

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