Garden Maintenance

A beautiful garden needs maintenance. Visser Tuinen helps you to keep your garden well maintained. Is gardening your hobby and do you only need advice or assistance once in a while? Or don't you want to worry about maintenance at all? Regardless your enthusiasm, Visser Tuinen provides a customized maintenance package, from support to full service.

Visser Tuinen offers the following maintenance packages:

One-time maintenance: for a one-time project

Holiday services: during your holiday

Standard: 2 times a year (in spring and fall)

Standard+: 3 times a year (in spring, summer and autumn)

Extensive: 5 times a year (every other month, except during winter)

Regular maintenance: approx. 15 times a year (every other 3 weeks, except during winter)

Regular maintenance+:  approx. 25 times a year

Do you have specific requirements? We like to offer you a customized maintenance plan.

Find out more information about our packages for maintenance:

One-time maintenance

Is your garden in need of a makeover? Visser Tuinen features all knowledge and equipment to turn your garden into perfect condition.

Holiday services

During your holiday your garden is in good hands with Visser Tuinen. When you return you can immediately enjoy a well kept garden.


The standard package contains a major maintenance session in the spring and autumn.  The main activities in this standard maintenance package are: pruning shrubs, shearing hedges, cut back perennials and disposal of green waste.

Standard +

Similar to the standard package with an additional thorough maintenance session in the summer.


Five times a year we take care of the required maintenance of your garden. Compared to the standard package, we'll visit your garden more often and it is possible to perform additional tasks, such as pruning withered flowers and removing green algae from your patio.

Regular maintenance

With this package your (company) garden looks magnificent throughout the year. About every three weeks we maintain your garden. We will carry out the pruning of the shrubs, hedges and perennial plants, removing weeds and monitoring diseases and pests.

Regular maintenance+

Similar  to the regular maintenance package with additionally the maintenance of your lawn. From March until November we'll visit your garden weekly to mow, fertilize and keep your lawn free of weeds.

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