Gardening is a beautiful trade. The team of Visser Tuinen enjoys every project they create. What can you expect when our team starts working on your garden?

Gardening ideas

Not only before, but also during the process of construction, good ideas are essential. You can count on our skilled gardeners with many years of experience, great ideas, involvement, solutions and wide-ranging expertise while completing the project. Are you searching for a creative design, look at our library of designs and garden portfolio.


Peter (landscape architect) & Koen (planning engineer) at the office 

Construction expenses

The costs of constructing a garden vary per design. Durability is fundamental for every garden Visser Tuinen constructs. This means we use solid products with long life durability. That's how, in the long run, we keep expenses within limits for our customers. Don't you want to enjoy your investment for as long as possible?

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Inaccessible gardens

Do you have a garden which is hard to reach? Congratulations, those are often the most beautiful places! But it can be a challenge to construct such a garden. However our people have many years of experience in solving problems, in order to keep the inconvenience for you to a minimum. We are happy to advise you about the possibilities.

IMG 1089

Inaccessible rooftop garden in Rotterdam

Clear agreements and warranty

We will work on a project  from start to finish with one and the same team. So during construction you'll always meet familiar faces and know to whom you can talk to and submit your questions, remarks or ideas.

Visser Tuinen is "Groenkeur" certified. This independent quality mark guarantees quality and warranty. The "Groenkeur" label is listed on the quality mark notification list from Consuwijzer, the Public counter of the Dutch government. Read more about our "Groenkeur" certification.

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