Tree Care

Trees have different life stages. The older a tree becomes, the more character the tree develops and gives to the surroundings. Visser Tuinen specializes in tree care in all phases, whether to plant, prune or to fell a tree.

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Customized advice

We can advise you on all types of trees regarding required location, risks and registration. When weaknesses occur, we look for solutions and the appropriate measurements to help the tree into it's next phase.


Our specialized and highly trained people take good care of planting, pruning and felling of trees. Special (climbing) equipment guarantees a safe execution of the job, even in hard to reach places. If required, we can also take care of the cutting permit application.


Our "Groenkeur" certification guarantees a clear working method. Research, advice and policy is maintained by a European Tree Technician (ETT). The implementation is carried out by a European Tree Worker (ETW).

Visser Tuinen is also a member of the "Kennisvereniging voor Boomverzorgers" (KPB).  

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