Dutch Quality Garden Hovenier verkozen door de "Tuinen van Appeltern".

Exclusively selected by "De Tuinen van Appeltern"

Based on skill, pasion and creativitie landscapers are selected by "De Tuinen van Appeltern"

Green all-rounders

Visser Tuinen is selected by Appeltern because we answer to all the extensive requirements recording to: garden design, paving, masonry, carpentry, pruning, sowing and planting. Also our knowledge of tillage, fertilization, irrigation, pests and weed control, lighting and security plays a role in the selection.

An exclusively selected landscaper is aware of the envoirement and respect nature. Durability is the way to go.

But or most important feature is the passion and capability to create awesome gardens.

The criteria

The "Tuinen van Appeltern" quality gardeners are among other things, selected based on:

* an above average designers creativity

* a structured organisation

* a socially and environmentally responsible company

* a clear and user-friendly method

* a distinct love for the profession

* the ability to listen as well as communicate clearly

* an innovative drive

* an extraordinary interest in promoting garden culture

More information www.exclusiefgeselecteerd.nl

Meer informatie www.dutchqualitygardens.nl

Dqg -hovenier -192x 256