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Quality, craftmanship & warranty

In our business Groenkeur represents the independent quality mark. It stands for quality, craftmanship and warranty. Groenkeur evaluates our quality standards, according independent review. Because of the supervision by Groenkeur of warranty, fulfillment of agreements and mediation in disputes, quality is guaranteed.

Those who opt for a Groenkeur company, chooses quality in construction and service. A Groenkeur company guarantees:

* Quality

* Construction by professionals

* 12 months of warranty on your garden

* Reliable service

* Membership of the Arbitration "Groen" board


More information www.groenkeur.nl

Logo Groenkeur 2016 Breed

The board of Accreditation of the Dutch Government counter "Consuwijzer" has reviewed the Groenkeur quality mark. The Groenkeur label is listed on the "Consuwijzer" certifications www.consuwijzer.nl/keurmerken/groenkeur