Drainage including water control

To wet soils

If you have a structural water nuisance in your garden you can provide a fitting drainage system including water control solution.

A high water table or a poorly water-permeable soil layer may cause problems in your garden. Plants will superficially carrots and sometimes even die in the wet winter months. Also, your lawn will be bad walkable and be susceptible to mold.

Visser Tuinen specializes in the overall construction of drainage systems including drainage. With the level-controlled drainage system mouths drains directly onto a ditch or rainwater, but on a main drain into the soil. This main drain comes out in a 'control pit' that the water level can be adjusted independently of ditch water level or water table. From the control pit the water gets disposed with a pump.

This system ensures that your garden, even after very extreme weather will be dry quickly. The pump stores only when needed. The system is thus efficient and can be used in any situation.

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