The use of zinc in gardens

Visser Tuinen has developed a unique way to build large structures still on soft surfaces without the need to be founded.

By using a very light and robust under construction, which coated with zinc, we can still capture large heights on soft surfaces. It also allows raised flower beds, garden walls and ponds. We can even make planters with it.

The sub-structure is finished with zinc. The advantage of this metal is that it is easy to process and is very long durability. It also has a very sleek and robust appearance which fits very well with the modern garden design.

This system is also ideal for creating enhanced ponds. The walls absorb a lot of pressure which ponds up to 30cm can be raised above ground level.

Possibilities with zinc:

  • Raised pond walls and borders
  • Garden walls
  • Kick
  • Retaining walls
  • Planters

Are you curious about the possibilities in your garden?